Abbas Shojaee

Abbas Shojaee

Research Scientist

Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

Department of Biology

New York University

Dr. Abbas Shojaee MD, CHDA, is a biomedical data scientist with more than twenty years of experience in biomedical informatics and machine learning. His research is focused on causal inference and system identification, particularly in the context of omics networks.

Dr. Shojaee earned his doctoral degree at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran in 2002 and, in the ten years since graduating, spearheaded biomedical informatics projects in academia and industry and as an entrepreneur in the Middle East. Dr. Shojaee finished his postdoctoral studies at the Center for Outcomes Research at Yale University with a concentration on biomedical network analysis and, in 2015 joined the faculty of Yale School of Medicine, where he worked on new methods for causal inference and knowledge discovery in Omics data. Dr. Shojaee joined Huang lab in November 2020 to join efforts in understanding complex regulatory networks in plant biology.


  • Postdoctoral Scholar, 2015

    Yale University

  • MD, 2004

    Mashhad University of Medical Sciences